Customer Support

Customers are the lifeblood of any business.  Without customers, no business can continue on running, which is why having an outstanding customer service should be an integral part of any company. At Einstein Support, we understand the value of a good customer relationship that is why we offer our team of live support agents who allow you to amplify sales and decrease costs linked with customer satisfaction. We quickly respond to all queries increased by your specified store guests as a result of that they can grow self-assurance in the product they are ready to purchase.

We provide full integration with a huge range of platforms, such as Zendesk, LiveAgent, FreshDesk, LiveChat, Intercom, FastSpring, Ticksy, Salesforce Desk, Groove, HelpScout and many others. Whether it’s by phone, email, social media, chat, or your support software our knowledgeable live customer support experts can recognize a customer’s troubles or answer inquiries with suitable precision. We can fully integrate chat, email and vocal communications in our customer service solutions, all depending on how much or how little integration and requirements you need, while still maintaining your brand’s voice and culture to create a personal and aligned contact center. All of our Customer Service Agents are already experienced working in similar environments. All know how to manage sticky customer service challenges - unhappy customers, lost shipments, incomplete or broken merchandize - with delicacy and professionalism. Keeping efficiency in place, we have a Performance Management System that aligns the skillset of our customer service agents to your specific needs.

Live Chat:

Our team provides 24/7 live chat and support service to assist your clients to full product purchasing deal effortlessly and firmly. To offer outstanding online knowledge and live chat client support service, we communicate one to one with your favorite guests. We offer guidance by our team of ecommerce live chat and support specialists for your business's store products, return policies and terms.

Email Responses

Our round the clock email support agents allows your clients who are most comfortable with e-mail to remain cheerful. Quick replies to all queries raised by your recent visitor or present customer allow them to enjoy the great customer service of your store.

Incoming Calls

Sometimes customers need answers quickly, and our agents are here to help. Critical data such as product attributes, features, shipping services and return policies are always at our fingertips to help your customers quickly.

Support Tickets

Using your ticketing system or integrating with one most comfortable for you is an effective way to keep your customers happy. Tickets are upheld to professional standards, and will uphold the image of your store.

Product returns and exchanges

Product returns and exchanges are inevitable for most online stores. That is why another duty you can assign to our agents is handling product returns and exchanges. Our agents will communicate directly with customers and suppliers to arrange any returns, exchanges and refunds that you might encounter in the course of business so that no time is wasted and customers stay happy.

Integrating Customer Support for your eCommerce store make customers feel happy and satisfied, allowing them to clear their doubts and queries regarding the products and make them feel free and comfortable to purchase and use your products. A few other benefits of ecommerce support include:

  • 24/7 customer care
  • Respectful Customer Support Agents
  • Instantaneous Monitoring
  • Completely Customizable Chat Support
  • Live Chat Conversion
  • Successful Up-Sells
  • Client Satisfaction & Trust
  • Personalized and standard project reports
  • Entire control on procedure and group members
  • Nearly 100% accuracy in each task
  • Gainful Pricing
  • Rapid turnaround

Increase Your Sales With An Enlightened Team


We all have customers that come to our site, that are interested but want to know more. Our trained sales team is trained to know your products or services to the slightest detail to capture each and every possible client.

Incoming calls - Potential customers may want to know more about your product or service and with an agent ready to answer all their questions, the payoff is quick
Upsales - After learning about your store or application, we know how to look for upselling or cross-selling opportunities that would intrigue customers
Customer Retention - Sometimes with an online store, unhappy customers are inevitable. With our experienced staff, we know how to turn an unhappy customer into a returning one 🙂


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