A Wise Approach To Tech Support


With our technical support solutions you receive a devoted team of support agents that are always prepared to answer any questions for you or your customer. We understand that running an app, software or tech company can be a pain. That’s why we have created our technical support team to master your product and solve your Customer’s Queries.

Installation Support

Although it is a simple process for savvy developers, first-time users may easily become frustrated with installation. Our team will coach even the most inexperienced user through this process.

Pre-Sales Questions

Our agents are skilled at providing the technical knowledge your potential clients may require to get answered before they make the leap and start using your app or software.


Coming into contact with bugs can be a pain. However, with an agent by your side 24/7, it doesn’t have to be! If there are repeat complaints of bugs, we will send you the report or offer a solution.

Troubleshooting Support

More complex problems that require attention & time can drain your team's energy. We can guide anyone through the process of restoring your application to its fully functional state.

Product Support Services 24/7

Einstein Support has created the unique opportunity for our support services to help companies move faster and improve customer experience, from the initial product consultation to deployment and optimization to global 24x7 support and operations. Our specialists help with payment processing, installation, troubleshooting, or simply transform customer frustration into satisfaction.

After developing and releasing a product, it's inevitable that customers will have tons of questions... from pre-sales to technical troubles. Answering all of your customers' inquiries requires loads of time & energy from your busy team. While expanding your business, it's a competitive advantage to have an outsourced inbound support team that operates just as effectively (if not more) than an in-house support team, without all of the stress. When you don't have to worry about inbound call & emails, you can focus on your core business goals.

By using your extensive technical knowledge of your product, we can solve most technical issues with ease. Our team will adopt your company's brand, image, tone, & technical knowledge in order to ensure the most genuine customer care possible. Our multi-channel CRM system ensures rapid resolution of all customer queries 24/7 (whether it be an email, phone call, or live chat). Putting it simply, we provide you with an outstanding support team to handle all incoming requests, so you can focus on scaling your company & developing your product.

Software Usage Questions Making sure your customers knows how to use your product correctly is crucial to business success. By doing extensive research on the ins & outs of your software — our team can answer any usage questions instantly.

Receiving feedback on the latest bugs plaguing your product — can allow you to know exactly where to fix & improve your product. Our team updates your developers as soon as a bug is discovered.

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