Virtual Support


As an online store owner, if you start doing all the tasks yourself, you won’t be able to concentrate on other core issues of your business such as marketing, tracking sales record or managing inventory. Since there are vital tasks for your company, our VA services help you save time by delegating numerous processes normally associated with the operation of an online store. Our agents are available at all times and provide our clients with real time solutions.

Our Virtual Assistants can help you with your inventory by :

extracting product data from various sources, such as PDF’s, hard copies, scanned images, online catalogs, offline catalogue, and manufacturers’ websites. From there we can enter the information into an online catalog. In the case there is not enough information available on a product, we will research it online to gather a sizeable body of information about its features.

adding, editing and updating product related information such as the title, SKU, description, variants, images, price, sales price, shipping cost, special offers, quantity, and other attributes. We also have the ability to edit, retouch and upload clear and engaging product images to your store to make them more attractive.

assigning products to appropriate categories and subcategories so that customers can easily find them and collections for easy marketing.

making product page URL’s, meta tags, product titles, keywords, and product descriptions to make them unique and SEO friendly from an SEO perspective.

Social Media Administration and Blog Management

social media administration includes management of your company pages, publishing unique content and promotion of your company or brand on social media channels. Our social media experts can answer all customer questions & concerns with the same effectiveness as our customer support agents (& with the same speed). We can also integrate your social media pages with our innovative management system to ensure that no customer is ignored. This way your social media queries will have the same priority as any phone or email queries.
our virtual assistants also have vast experience in Public Relations. We understand that for any B2C business, public relations is important. Such as keeping you company pages updated and customers informed with Post Management. Answering questions and comments, while keeping your company image.
our virtual assistants are also great at writing unique Blog Posts, therefore you have a chance to easily outsource this part of your content marketing strategy to us!

Our eCommerce Virtual Assistants can easily integrate with any ecommerce platform with ease.

All in all it can seem as if e-commerce management tasks will never end. BUT you can tap into the power of virtual assistants to have someone to take some of the stress off you. Virtual assistants are able to do all this and much more.

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