Get a professional team of support assistants to help you with important tasks for your e-commerce store

What we do


Inventory Management

We can extract product data from various sources, such as PDF's, hard copies and online catalogues and enter the product related information such as the title, SKU, description and other attributes to your website, and assign products to appropriate categories.


Dispute Resolution

If you're running an ecom store, you obviously spend lots of time trying to win each and every dispute. We've been doing this for ages and know how to effectivy deal with PayPal cases and chargebacks.


Product Description Creation

If you are looking for some eye-catchy product descriptions, just give us a shot. We can easily identify the pain points of customers and use them in the description to grab attention and eventually let you make more sales.


Social Media Management

Management of your company pages, publishing unique content and promotion of your company or brand on social media channels can be also done by our team.

How to get started

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  • In 24 hours

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    fill out a questionnaire and provide guidelines

  • In 2-3 days

    Preparation: we integrate our CRM, create FAQs, train the team

  • In 5-7 days

    Launch: we go LIVE


Einstien support In-house team
Heldesk CRM system Free $100+/month
Working place installation (PC, headset…) Free $1500
Telephone VOIP system integration Free $100+/month
Call Scripts, FAQs, Templates Free $150+
Regular staff training Free $500/month
Quality assurance Free $1500/month


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