Our team



Chief Of Operations

Alex is one of the co-founders of Einstein Support company. Having received vast experience in international management and online marketing, he clearly understands the importance of offering exceptional customer service to clients. He is the one who manages all the business processes inside and outside the company.



Head Of Business Development

Mike rose up the corporate ladder quickly in corporate America. After leaving, he took his experience with him working at a few startups before founding Einstein Support in 2015. He is the one who makes sure you are getting what you need most, to leave you satisfied and focused on growing revenue.


Virtual Operational Manager

Our Virtual Operational Manager is a quick thinker and is head of keeping your organization running smoothly, he is always learning new tasks from clients who then trains our virtual assistants on how to efficiently approach and complete given tasks.


Customer Support Quality Manager

Our Customer Support Manager keeps the response quality high. After working for 5 years as a supervisor at a call center, she has learned what customers want and keeps the answer quality high, while looking for how we can improve our methods and keep customers happy and returning.


Technical Support Director

Our Technical Support Director is experienced with solving technical issues and learning programs. From working as a programmer at various startups in Ukraine, he has learned the ins and outs of the tech world. Certified to learn programs and find solutions to errors, he is the head of learning your product and keeping issues to a minimum.

Let's make your customers happy together!