Get a devoted team of technical support professionals to master your product and solve your customer's queries.

What we do

Installation support

Although it is a simple process for savvy developers, first-time users may easily become frustrated with installation. Our team will coach even the most inexperienced user through this process.


Coming into contact with bugs can be a pain. However, with an agent by your side 24/7, it doesn’t have to be! If there are repeat complaints of bugs, we will send you the report or offer a solution.

Pre-Sales Questions

Our agents are skilled at providing the technical knowledge your potential clients may require to get answered before they make the leap and start using your app or software.

Troubleshooting Support

More complex problems that require attention & time can drain your team's energy. We can guide anyone through the process of restoring your application to its fully functional state.

How to get started

  • Now

    Schedule a call with us to get a quote

  • In 24 hours

    Sign up for our services,
    fill out a questionnaire and provide guidelines

  • In 2-3 days

    Preparation: we integrate our CRM, create FAQs, train the team

  • In 5-7 days

    Launch: we go LIVE


Einstien support In-house team
Heldesk CRM system Free $100+/month
Working place installation (PC, headset…) Free $1500
Telephone VOIP system integration Free $100+/month
Call Scripts, FAQs, Templates Free $150+
Regular staff training Free $500/month
Quality assurance Free $1500/month


Save over $4,000 / month with Einstein Support

Let's make your customers happy together!