Get a professional team of virtual assistants to help you with routine tasks and let you focus on business development

What we do

Inventory management

We can extract product data from various sources, such as PDF's, hard copies and online catalogues and enter the product related information such as the title, SKU, description and other attributes to your website, assign products to appropriate categories and even create SEO friendly descriptions.

Blog management

Our virtual assistants are great at writing unique blog posts, therefore you have a chance to easily outsource this part of your content marketing strategy to us.

Order fulfillment

Our fulfillment team works 7 days a week to keep your orders set to ship and to keep customers happy with minimum delays. We also work directly with manufacturers to make sure there are few errors and keep your operation running smoothly.

Social Media Management

Management of your company pages, publishing unique content and promotion of your company or brand on social media channels can be also done by our team. Our social media experts can answer all customer questions & concerns with the same effectiveness as our customer support agents.

How to get started

  • Now

    Schedule a call with us to get a quote

  • In 24 hours

    Sign up for our services,
    fill out a questionnaire and provide guidelines

  • In 2-3 days

    Preparation: we integrate our CRM, create FAQs, train the team

  • In 5-7 days

    Launch: we go LIVE


Einstien support In-house team
Heldesk CRM system Free $100+/month
Working place installation (PC, headset…) Free $1500
Telephone VOIP system integration Free $100+/month
Call Scripts, FAQs, Templates Free $150+
Regular staff training Free $500/month
Quality assurance Free $1500/month


Save over $4,000 / month with Einstein Support

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